Stephanie Baumer


Some selected accolades:


2019 UCDA Design Competition: Excellence Awards

2018 CADC: Silver Awards

2017 American Graphic Design USA Web Competition

2017 American Graphic Design & Advertising 31 Awards Competition: Award of Distinction

2017 Creativity International Media/Interactive Awards: Bronze Award

2017 CADC: Silver Award

2016 UCDA Design Competition: Excellence Award

2016 CADC: Gold Award, Excellence Awards

2015 UCDA Design Show: Excellence Award

2015 Creativity International Awards: Silver Award

2015 CADC: Silver Award

2014 HOW International Design Awards

2014 UCDA Design Competition: Excellence Award

2014 Creativity International Print & Packaging Design Awards

2014 American Graphic Design Awards Competition

2013 American Graphic Design Awards Competition

2013 CADC: Gold Award

2011 CADC: Excellence Award


Careers in Media and Communication
Stephanie A. Smith, SAGE Publishing, 2018

Interview on Connecticut Creatives, 2018




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